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Boy Saves His Sister’s Life and Becomes a Superhero

On November 27, 2010, 9 year-old James ” JT”  Stone opened the child-proof lock on his parent’s bathroom to let his little sister Lily go into the bathroom.  Unbeknownst to JT, Lily decided she wanted to blow out the candle on the counter.  She climbed up the cabinet and onto the counter.  As she sat there, she tried to blow out the little flame.  Instantly, her hair, face, and arms caught fire.  JT heard his sister’s screams first and got to Lilly just before their mother did.  Thinking quickly, he grabbed a wet towel that had been left on the floor by an older cousin.  He wrapped his sister in the towel, dowsing the flames.

JT’s courage saved his sister’s life. “This young man did something most kids twice his age wouldn’t have the forethought, or capability, or understanding of performing,” said St. Louis Firefighter Shawn Bittle.   The group presented JT with a Hero Award for what he did.  He got a plaque, and a special tour of a firetruck.

“When you look at the superheroes, that’s their job to save lives,” said JT’s father, “and nobody will ever know how much of a hero he is to me. If it wasn’t for him I may not have my baby.”  “I’m thankful that I knew what to do to save her,” he said.

To see the video and read more about JT’s act of heroism, see this link, http://www.fox2now.com/news/ktvi-9-year-old-boy-hailed-hero-120510,0,1461390.story


Ties that Kill

For more than 20 years, manufacturers have known that the pull cords on window shades and blinds kill children.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission received reports of 130 strangulations involving window blind cords in just the 9 years from 1991 through 2000.  Nearly all of those involved strangulations to infants getting tangled on the outer pull cords.

Ten years later, children are still dying and manufactures seem to be doing nothing about it.  This week, big box hardware store chain Lowes to recall about 6,000,000 Roman shades and 5,000,000 they sold in the last 10 years.  The reason: pull cords are still killing children.  If you have purchased any shades or blinds from Lowes since 1999, you should contact the Window Covering Safety Council for a free repair kit at (800) 506-4636.

As the saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Apparently, the manufacturers of shades and blinds don’t know their history.  More likely, they just don’t care.  If you have ANY blinds with pull cords on them, cut the pull cords.  Call he Window Covering Safety Council or find them on the web at www.windowcoverings.org.  It might save a parent from the worst of all traumas, losing a child.

Safest Cities, Statistics Don’t Tell the Whole Story

When one thinks of the most crime-riddled city in the US, few would put St. Louis, Missouri even close to the top.  Still, the Associated Press is reporting that St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the US.  The report is based on a study issued by the FBI on crime in the US.  While true, St. Louis has the most reports of crime in the US, the FBI tells people accessing the study, “The data user is, therefore, cautioned against comparing statistical data of individual reporting units from cities, metropolitan areas, states, or colleges or universities solely on the basis of their population coverage or student enrollment.”  Seems like the FBI does not even think we should be using the stats for that purpose.  Interesting that the FBI shows so many reports in St. Louis but not much else can be gleened from it other than that.  You can read the AP story at this link, http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hjbTudvgLq379jbYawS7w_WOFUjA?docId=22c9981f4ca34807ba7ac8dc07726067

Rollerblade Recall

Rollerblade USA Recalls to Repair Inline Skates Due to Risk of Injury.  About 29,000 pairs of popular rollerblades have been recalled because the frame mounting bolts and wheel axle bolts can be loose on new skates. If so, the loose wheels or frames on the skates can cause the rider to fall, posing a risk of serious injury.  The skates are sold under the names “Spark” or “Spifire.”  The skates were sold in the last year or so.  If you have the skates, go to www.rollerblade.com for instructions on how to fix them.

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