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We at Dixon Law Office are a thankful bunch.

We are thankful to live without pain.  Every client comes to us with a story.  That story always ends the same: pain.  Inevitably, someone did something seriously wrong.  That wrong caused our client to get hurt.  It may have been the driver that ran a red light and hit the bicyclist.   It may have been the truck driver who was speeding.  It may have been the doctor who did not run that test.  It may have been that employer who removed the guard from the machine.  In each case, the victim ends up hurt or killed.  For those that survived, that hurt leads to a life lived in pain.  We are thankful to live without pain.

We are thankful to work where we do.  Every day, we have the privilege of helping clients who work in very difficult conditions.  Many of our worker’s compensation clients are forced to work in dangerous places.  The construction site is not safe because the boss will not supply safety equipment.  The manufacturing plant is full of tripping hazards.  The office worker is forced to work in a chair that is painful to her back.  They all have bosses that illegally threaten them if they refuse or complain.  Many work on but end up with serious injuries.   We are thankful to work where we do.

We are thankful for today.  For all of our clients, the day they were hurt just another day.  They neither expected nor believed that the day would end any differently than the day before.  But it didn’t.  For them, the day ended very differently.  For them, that day ended like no other.  A catastrophic injury.  Amputation.  Pain.  For some, death.  We are thankful for today.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed because of the fault of someone else, call us at Dixon Law Office.  We have the training and experience to get you the compensation you deserve.  Our results prove it.  Call us today at 708-354-9880 or contact us by email.  We are here to help.

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