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2011 Brings New Laws, Many Changes

More than 670 new laws take effect on January 1, 2011. Some of the more extensive changes are in the Illinois Motor Vehicle Act. Laws regarding several special license plate statutes, railroad crossing sign and signals laws, instruction permits for minors, and commercial driver’s licenses were all amended. Penalties were added for certain violations of the Motor Vehicle Act. A list of just some of the amended Acts (an Act is a whole section of laws about a special topic) are listed below.

In addition to the amendments, totally new Acts come into force on January 1. These include the Psychiatry Practice Incentive Act, Lupus Education And Awareness Act, and the Homeowner’s Solar Rights Act.

Below is a list of just a few of the Acts that are changed in 2011.
Animal Welfare Act
Riverboat Gambling Act
Abused And Neglected Child Reporting Act
Mental Health And Developmental Disabilities Code
Illinois Food, Drug And Cosmetic Act
Sanitary Food Preparation Act
Illinois Manufactured Housing And Mobile Home Safety Act
Manufactured Home Quality Assurance Act
Fish And Aquatic Life Code
Game Protective Regulations Game And Fur-Bearing Animals
Local Food, Farms, And Jobs Act
Public Corruption Profit Forfeiture Act
State Commemorative Dates Act
Wildlife Code
Illinois Forestry Development Act
Illinois Highway Code
Toll Highway Act
Railroad Police Act
Illinois Vehicle Code
Illinois Commercial Safety Towing Law
Child Passenger Protection Act
Snowmobile Registration And Safety Act
Clerks Of Courts Act
Juvenile Court Act Of 1987
Criminal Code
Criminal Offenses Offenses Against Property Act
. Rights Of Crime Victims And Witnesses Act
Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act
Sex Offender Registration Act
Illinois Marriage And Dissolution Of Marriage Act
Adoption Act
Illinois Domestic Violence Act Of 1986
Probate Act
Real Property Act
Transfer Fee Covenant Act
Mobile Home Landlord And Tenant Rights Act
Business Corporation Act
Not For Profit Corporation Act
Employee Credit Privacy Act
Family Military Leave Act
Line Of Duty Compensation Act
Unemployment Insurance Act

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